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Dwayne Ferris
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Dwayne Ferris Bio :
Since I was a little boy watching my dad sing and yodel some good old Wilf Carter songs, I have had a love for music. Computers and widgets are not my thing and my passion is to write songs and sing them. The song Memories Of Dad took me an hour to write just after my dad’s funeral but I never sang it in public until very recently.  I like to sing my songs and hope they touch someone’s hearts, give them some comfort, bring back memories of happy days and just enjoy them.  Back in December 2014,  I wrote a song called Kisses From Heaven and it was to give comfort and hope to those who have lost loved ones.  Most of my song writing is done at my home on the lake where I can enjoy the beauty that God surrounds me with.  My dad must have watched those beautiful sunsets when he wrote music. 

Basically I am just a simple songwriter/singer who writes and sings from my heart and hope that the song finds its way into someone else’s heart. I know my music is not by today’s standards considered upbeat and up tempo but I enjoy the old country songs that tell a story that people can relate to.  There are so many great artists who have passed on and left wonderful country music behind so I feel quite honoured and blessed that my song Memories of Dad won an Akademia Music Award for best country ballad.  Last year I wrote a yodeling song called TheYodeling Cowboy lullaby and it was as a memory to my dad and Wilf Carter. I am not one to seek fame and fortune but merely to preserve the old style country music for those who remember it from their youth.    Although I consider myself a serious musician who writes songs about the peaks and valleys in life I just want folks to have a good time at my shows and enjoy the music.

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Dwayne Ferris
Grand Lake, NB, CA
Email: dwayne_ferris@hotmail.com 
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