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Clays Country Radio Songwriter Of The Year Nominee Jim Elrich


Jim Elrich
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Jim Elrich Bio :
Jim Elrich started out in the music business over twenty years ago, He was a former member of Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), He also had an audition with Charlie Daniels Talent Round Up in 1996, after his audition TNN did not renew the contract with Charlie Daniels Talent Round Up. Jim made a couple of trips back to Nashville and as with most aspiring singers/songwriters it was a set back for Jim.
Jim has written his own music for over twenty years. After A few set backs in the music business he then turned to his family, devoted himself into his law enforcement career where he has proudly served his community for over 16 years as a Deputy Sheriff in Fayette County, Ohio. Prior to Law Enforcement Jim worked in a factory making manufactured homes. Prior to working in a factory Jim farmed for 14 years, and just recently started writing music again. Jim suffered a shoulder injury in 2009, and two back surgeries in 2010, at that time Jim had to step down as a full time deputy sheriff. This has given Jim more time to write and play music; he then signed a contract with Tate Music Group (TMG) record label in March of 2011 out of Mustang Oklahoma, which gave him the opportunity to work with Executive Producer Don Johnson and Michael Turner. This produced his first CD “I Don’t Want To Be Forgotten”.


Jim has been married to his wife Marsha for twenty years. They have two wonderful Children, Brittany who is in the medical field, and has blessed them with three beautiful granddaughters, Bridget, Maggie and Abby. Jim and Marsha also have a son Colton who is in Law Enforcement and also the medical field.

Jim was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio until he was 10 years old


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Contact Details
Jim Elrich
New Holland, Ohio
Email: jimelrich@gmail.com
Website : http://www.jimelrich.com
Award Winning Songwriter
Jim Elrich took 1st place as Songwriter of the year 2013 on Clays Country Radio. Once you listen to this mans talent you will understand why.
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