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Jimmy Parker (Male Artist Catagory)

Jimmy Parker Nominated Male Artist Of The Year 2016 on Clays Country Radio

Jimmy Parker Bio

Nashville Recording Artist Jimmy Parker is the Real Deal when it comes to singing ‘nothing but pure country music.’ His music is a combination of some of the great covers from the past and some great original songs written by him and other writers that have allowed Jimmy to record his songs. With five cds (four of which are available now) to his credit since 2004 and over 50 songs recorded to this time span, what one will find with Jimmy’s music is honest to goodness down-to-earth country music. Its just the way it ought to be with a warm rangy voice that snuggles up beside you and sings just to you. Jimmy comes from Virginia and became a Nashville resident in 1990. His popularity is soaring with traditional country music fans around the world. His travels have taken him to many parts of the USA and in January of 2013 he visited Australia performing over 12 shows in parts of the Land Down Under and also at the Tamworth Music Festival which is one of the largest country music festivals in the world. Take a few minutes or longer to discover Jimmy on this website if you are new. Those who already are familiar with his work know what they get when the see Jimmy perform…Nothing but Pure Country Music.

Jimmy's Discography: 
Home (CMG Records Nashville) 2012 
American Country Singer (Heart2Heart Records) 2011 
Real Deal (Heart2Heart Records) 2009 
More Than You Know (Heart2Heart Records) 2006 
Warm Love (Heart2Heart Records) 2004 
Jimmy's Greatest Songs (American Records) 1993 
One of Those Nights (Vista Records) 1992 
Oklahoma Sunshine (Vista Records) 1991 
Terminal Case of Heartaches (Scrimshaw Records) 1984

(For those interested in purchasing any of Jimmy's cds, please go to the store page at www.jimmyparkermusic.com or contact jimmy via www.facebook.com/jimmyparkermusic, realdealjp@gmail.com, or email him here if you are a reverbnation fan)


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