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Airplay is completely Free Of Charge once your song has been approved for rotation!
By submitting your music to clayscountry Radio you agree to allow us to air your music Royalty Free

The opportunities do not end once your song is approved have a look around the site and you will find opportunies for extra promotions as well as Best Original Song Contest .. At the beginning of October we will be searching for our Best Christmas Song so stay tuned !!
Due to the high volume of song submissions we now have to limit our intake please take notice of the following rules in force .   
1. Two songs per Artist  
2. Mp3 format ONLY ..mp3 ONLY please email to:  
 3 We ask that all files are labelled as follows
(Song Title - Artist)
E.G Daddy's Cry - Clay Pierce
Unfortunately any tracks submitted labelled incorrectly will be disregarded without notice.
4  Once your song has been submitted it will be reviewed by our listeners and once approved will receive airplay so stay tuned in .. SEND YOUR TRACKS TO US AT:
At no time will you ever be asked to pay for play on our stations, we do offer PREMIUM ACCOUNTS that offer a variety of promotions including heavier rotation but these accounts are optional they do not influence our Free Airplay policy.
You will find a lot of activity going on with the station throughout the year and many opportunities to get involved if you have any inquiries please feel free to email:

You can now enter for the Clays Country Radio 2016 Awards.When you sign to any of our Premium Packages we will spend the whole year promoting you and your music.
This will be our fourth Annual Awards in 2015 Awards we promoted over 100 Artists/Songwriters & Promoters leading to many performing and touring with the contacts they made on our station.. Clays Country is all about supporting Independent Artists and Keeping Traditional Country Music Alive






















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