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  Terry Douglas
  Name: Terry Douglas
  Location: Ohio
Terry Douglas is now being played on Clays Country Radio broadcasting to over 106 countries world wide .Terry will be played on air in rotation.. Nominated Male Artist of The Year 2014.. Voting commences 1st July - 30th September. Tune in to our 5pm est live show of 2014 Nominations Showcase
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Born in Cleveland, Ohio the birthplace of Rock n Roll, Terry Douglas has been influenced by some of the best music that was ever created. Terry grew up around all types of music from Classic Country to Rock and Blues. Terrys family had a huge impact on his music but he would not know it until much later in life. 
It all began for Terry with a guitar that was given to him as a Christmas gift by his uncle. Terry played that acoustic for a few years until he fell in love with a red Kramer Electric guitar. After that Terry began devoting massive amounts of time to honing his craft. 
Terry began writing song early on in his career for his Rock Band but always as a guitar player. As his music and songwriting matured he found himself drifting back to his Country roots. 
Terry began writing his first solo album in early 2013 and will be recording it this winter. The album will release with Tate Music Group in spring of 2014. 
Terry's Music is a good mix of Classic Country with some twang to early rock. The stories told in his songs lean towards the darker side of country. Terry writes about what he sees and feels. 
You can catch Terry playing with his band and sometimes as part of an acoustic duo with his good friend Alan. 
When Terry is not working on his craft, he surrounds himself with family and great friends. Thank You for all the support.

Living The Dream Album
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Terry Douglas Nominated Band Of The Year 2014



Terry Douglas Music
Running Down the Sun
Fall into his arms
Living The Dream
Dear Grandma
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